Best Resort Lamai Beach
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Best Resort Lamai Beach Location

               Best Resort Lamai Beach is located in a peaceful , quite area of Lamai Beach , Koh Samui .The Resort is fortunate to be endowed with the best that nature has to offer . Best Resort is onshore middle of Lamai Beach , and get away from busting crowd . Ours resort are provides the unlimited relaxtion for guests in a restful . A truly place make your holiday a special day surrounding all cheerful.

               The bright light , bars and night life are less than 5 minutes walk away and popular beach ( Chaweng ) with colourful array of shop , reataurant and bar is only 10 minutes drive .

                Best Resort Lamai Beach is approximately an hour flight south of Bangkok and only 40 minutes drive from Samui Airport.




Longtitude / Latitude          100.044668912888 / 9.46325369475534



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